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Surrogate Mother Compensations

The surrogate benefit package is often referred to the SBP. The surrogate benefit package is a description of the funds you will be compensated, while acting as a surrogate mother.


Pregnancy compensation: This amount will be paid to you after the confirmation of a fetal heartbeat through an ultrasound. You will be entitled to 10 monthly payments of pregnancy compensation.


Extra pregnancy compensation for twins: This fee begins at the 18th week of pregnancy if it is determined that you are carrying twins for your intended parents.


Embryo transfer fee: You are entitled to this fee every time you have an embryo transfer for your intended parents. Hopefully it works on the first try. In case it doesn’t, this fee compensates you for lost wages and childcare, since most IVF clinics require you stay on bed rest for 2-3 days following the embryo transfer.


Maternity clothing allowance: This is a one-time fee given to our surrogate mothers to purchase maternity clothing.


Monthly attendance for support group meetings: Caring Hearts Thru Surrogacy holds fun monthly support group meetings at our office. If you do not live in the Lakeland, Tampa or Orlando area, we have designed our SBP so that an out of town surrogate will still benefit and receives the fee. (See SBP for complete description).


Life insurance: Our surrogates can be reimbursed for obtaining a life insurance policy for up to $400.00.


Medical insurance: If you or your spouse do not have medical insurance through your employer, you will have to apply for a health insurance policy. This monthly fee will be reimbursed to you each month by your intended parents through an escrow account.


Physician recommended c-section: If your OB doctor recommends you deliver by c-section this fee will be owed to you. This fee covers, the pain and suffering that also happens with this surgery and recovery.


Physician ordered bed rest: If your doctor determines that he or she wants you on bed rest due to the pregnancy, you will be entitled to this weekly fee.


Invasive procedures fee: Unfortunately things can happen in pregnancy that we have no control over. If this happens, you will be compensated a fee for the inconvenience and pain or suffering.


Long distance travel: If your IVF clinic is located in a different county than where you live, you will be reimbursed all your travel costs. This includes, if needed: air fare, mileage, car rental, hotel and food per diem. 


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