Caring Hearts Thru Surrogacy
Caring Hearts Thru Surrogacy
My name is Mary Bailey, I am the CEO and Senior Services Coordinator of Caring Hearts Thru Surrogacy - GPA.  My mother was unable to carry a child to term.  My parents made the decision to have a child with the help of another woman.  Knowing this as a young child.  I knew that I would return the favor that someone was so generous to do this for my parents. As I became of age, A family friend was a surrogate.  I started researching infertility & third party reproduction.  That's when I met a wonderful couple from France in 1998.  I delivered their twins in 2000.  
Soon after I started an agency & helped many more couples from all over the world!  It takes dedication, compassion which we have.  Our team puts your interests and needs first.  We are confident in our ability to make your experience enjoyable and as memorable as possible.  I am looking forward to sharing with you, a wonderful journey.

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Mary Bailey

CEO/Senior Services Coordinator

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Jill Hagedorn

Associate Services Coordinator


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