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International Parents

Caring Hearts Through Surrogacy is here to guide you thru the entire process.  Since surrogacy is illegal, restricted, unrecognized and unaccepted in many countries around the world. Therefore, many people come to the United States to receive fertility assistance to create their families. The United States is preferred due to its established liberal legal and medical structures. Having children in the United States is relatively easy for international Intended Parents.


Many international intended parents have been pleasantly surprised to be welcomed to create their families with the help of Hearts thru Surrogacy.  As international intended parents, you are required to travel to the United States a minimum of twice during the process. This includes the birth of your child or children. All children born in the United States are considered U.S. citizens. International intended parents may return to their country within a few weeks of their baby or babies’ release from the hospital, with birth certificates and passport in hand.


Caring Hearts Through Surrogacy has been helping international intended parents for more than 10 years.  Caring Hearts Through Surrogacy strives to ensure the entire process is as pleasant and smooth as possible from start to finish. We are also able to refer you to exceptional lawyers, fertility doctors and psychologists in the field.

Each of our surrogate mothers complete a criminal background check, psychological and IQ testing and FDA required medical screening.

For your convenience we are available to meet with you via phone, email or Skype to explain the process in depth.  Contact us and let us help you build your family today!

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